You know that thanks to the Diet Detox you can change your life completely in just 10 days? You’ll be able to reset your metabolism and your body, cleanse your body, feel good and lose weight over thanks to the detox diet 10 days.

Many people are skeptical Detox diet in 10 days , even doctors who do not believe you can make a radical change in your health in a few days, but we do what we believe, and I believe in you .

Why the Detox Diet was created in 10 days, not as extreme as our Detox Diet detox in 3 days or diet detox in 5 days, but is much more effective because it lasts for a longer period in which you’ll be able to purify your body, that from now you will be treated as a temple. We show how easy, fast and delicious it can be to lose weight and gain health.

Only you must follow our Detox Method for 10 days and you’ll see that you can not only lose up to 10 kilos, it can help prevent chronic health problems how type 2 diabetes, asthma, dijestivos problems, autoimmune diseases, pain head, acne, allergies, ecsemas and even sexual dysfunction.

Burning fat diet detox in 10 days

You know what ails you may fatten you and what you fat you can make you sick, right? Everything is connected, it’s like when your computer freezes and there is nothing that can be done, time to reset and start from zero. Well, detox diet in 10 days you can do the same for your body and metabolism, following the detox diet and life práctivas we offer, you will be able Resetar your body. You will lose weight without starving and become a healthier person. And all this in just 10 days.

First steps of the method detox in 10 days

The first step is to take action yourself the day before starting the detox diet 10 days to be controlling your progress you can go scoring in what we call our “Daily Detox”, which can be a notebook or using your computer or smartphone.
Record your weight in the morning, before going to the bathroom without clothes. The diameter of your belly with a tape measure, start from the navel and turns to finish it.

Detox Toxicity Test

Make Detox toxicity test. It’s free, you can do it yourself with a paper and will serve to determine the level of toxins in your body that you need to detoxify the Detox diet.

click here for toxicity test

Beginning with the diet

First of all desazte of all the junk food in your kitchen, fail to clean your fridge and make a good reset all kitchen cupboards. Anything containing processed ingredients must be removed, and you only need to meet with the “real food”.

Step Three: Create a menu

If you want, we will recommend our Detox menu with all the nutrients needed for good, healthy diet. If you can not give you the test to your needs following the points we have been discussing.

Sample menu and recipes Detox

Step Four: Improve your lifestyle to improve results

  • Sleep well, between 7-8 hours a day
  • Practice deep breathing five minutes every day
  • Drink 8 to 10 basos of water a day
  • Walk or do any other physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Take fiber before each meal to decrease your hunger and help you balance your blood sugar
  • Take a good multivitamin, who can recommend you in your farmácia or you can buy online at iHerb (Recommended).
  • Take a Detox Bath anti toxins: water, two cups of salt, half a cup of soda and 10 tablespoons of lavender oil, you will feel like New @
  • .

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And finally … Enjoy life! Surely the early days of the diet Detox in 10 days you will be hard , but after a while you get used to it and you’ll like it a lot. You will feel more healthy and san @ and have more energy to face life with positivity and joy!

Tell us your experience in the comments or concerns. We are happy to hear from you!